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About IRTS

Company profile

IRTS, an innovative French rugged IT equipment manufacturer, has been an industrial electronics specialist for 20 years now.

IRTS is a product manufacturing company proposing an extensive COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) range of equipment including rugged displays and embedded computers for the defence, aerospace and industrial markets. These products, technologically and industrially mastered down to detailed component level, are manufactured as make-to-order or as part of agreements with long-term commitments (maintenance, repair and same production).

IRTS has a high level of innovativeness and R&D with some 30 employees/year working to its customers’ best interests in tailoring their products to specific requirements (COTS+ approach) and developing electronic equipment, computers and monitors on a customer-design basis.

IRTS is an equipment manufacturer which rolls out its products in small- to medium-scale production runs, from multi-unit series which it manufactures itself to series totalling several thousand pieces which it subcontracts to leading electronics production players such as ASTEELFLASH whilst continuing to manage all aspects of the manufacturing and taking full responsibility for product lifecycles and repair.

At a commercial level and besides the French market which is managed directly, IRTS is positioned on the international market either directly or via representation agreements in numerous countries in Europe and around the globe.

As a specialist in embedded computing, IRTS designs, manufactures and commercializes rugged computing and electronic materials in the form of products, equipment and systems that meet:

  • specific sectoral standards (MIL, DO160, DEFSTAN, AECTP, NATO TEMPEST standards for the Military sector, ATEX for the Gas Mine Oil sector and ECDIS for the Maritime sector),
  • conditions for hostile environment implementation,
  • performance, use and operational requirements.

Strategic positionning

IRTS works in absolute synergy on 2 strategic market segments:

  • Segment 1: COTS & modified COTS Smart Displays and Rugged Computers
  • Segment 2: systems and computer & electronic systems integration
  • IRTS controls the technology and the manufacturing of its products and equipments up to component level. IRTS has done Transfers of Technology and signed contracts with customers and partners to manufacture under license.
  • IRTS is an ISO 9001 certified company and aims to be certified EN9100.


 Armed Forces and Homeland Security decision makers need efficient tools to gather, analyze and process information. The volume and the complexity of information constantly evolve to reach new levels fo security issues.

 Winning a large tender in 2014 for the French Army made of Irts a certified and qualified supplier of secured Deployable Display Systems for Tocs and Jocs.

 The specifications were so particular that Irts designed and built a unique and exclusive product.This solution -now available in many configurations- has been NATO Tempest certified SDIP-27 level A.

 Then the French Navy requested a derived solution qualified MIL STD 901D to be embedded in its main ships.  

Logically headquarters Command Centers are being installed now with these secured unique features coming from our field experiences.
IRTS’s expertise as a manufacturer of embedded consoles is used to create the critical systems -harware & software-needed to comply with multi layer display architecture.  

No other supplier can deliver such a complete and secured turn-key display wall system available for any type of installation. Our Display wall solutions details are confidential and available only for qualified partners or customers who signed a NDA. Our range of services includes global project management, equipment installation, software set-up,training missions, after sale service, and certified professional repair.

 The B.U is focussed since 2008 on military command centers display systems and led by Laurent Martin-Malburet. 

He is an expert for for the past 30 years in managing projects regarding display systems dedicated to industrial control rooms and trading floors; supervising sales & technical teams at the US company Techexport  (1988-1992), and then Arc Informatique (1992-2008) .

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