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Deployable 2x2TACTICAL DISPLAY WALL 46 & 55''

Today’s critical field operations rely on visualization to monitor and make tactical decisions IRTS 2x2 deployable LCD display wall is a COTS field-proven system for worldwide Army forces requirements and is used by French Armed Forces.
Mobile and transportable anywhere it produces reliable picture in any location, whether it is a temporary installation in a building, in a shelter or a soft-top cover - such as a field command post or an inflatable tent.

Multiple feeds of information onto multiple displays

The 2x2 deployable display wall is the ideal monitoring and decision-making support tool : Ergonomic and easy to assemble, it can be installed on uneven ground keeping though a consistent sound & image quality.
IRTS 46" (Samsung based) and 55'' (Barco Unisee based), monitors near-seamless 2x2 LCD display wall is an energy and cost efficient package.
With there specific features, re-inforced 46"&55'' - monitors are specifically designed for deployable video walls wich have to be installed and removed oftenly.

  • 92" or 110'' screen of 8 mega pixels
  • 5’ fast, easy and secure assembling
  • Ready to use in 20’
  • Transportable in weatherproof cases
  • Can be installed on uneven ground up to 5% incline
  • Temporary indoor and field installations patented system
  • Emission security
    Meet TEMPEST standards for the 46'' version (to be done regarding the new 55)
    • NATO SDIP-27 Level A
    • USA NSTISSAM Level 1
modified Barco Unisee 55'' fitted with secured connectorsprotected VSN Datapath fitted with secured plugsprotected Adder extender fitted with secured plugsunidirectionnal video diode 
re-inforced Samsung UD46'' fitted with secured connectorswallcontrol10 Pro commandsfiber optic Tx/Rx encrypted fitted with  secured plugs



ARGOS configuration monitoring softwaresecured 20 keys customized keyboardWindows 10 pro LTSC securedindependant buttons secured management 
security level adjustablefitted with secured plugsspecial services configurationfitted with secured plugs



Réalisation : Stratis