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Navy EmbeddedCentral Operations

Protect the data from the video source to the displays -or group of displays- is the CLASSIFIED solution introduced by IRTS. 

Passing through  a tightly secure video controller and keyboard/video/mouse locked down.

 Actually every item of the overall configuration has been secured which make the system enable to display MULTIPLE LEVELS of CONFIDENTIALITY on the same display group. Since there is NO POSSIBLE CONNECTION, there is no way to record any data and extract it from the system.

 Our solution is ready to be audited by the IT authorities concerned in any NATO country.

 Others may require government approval and authorization.

Answers to the 'need to know' issue 

Depending on the classification and the attendees accreditation, Irts is able to send -only via video link- any captured video in any room. This allows a hierachy of group in accordance to the need to know of this group.

A secured appliance will allow to play the dedicated scenarios of its room when the administrator will be able from his own appliance to turn Off/On any room or group of displays. As a side solution, emergency On/Off buttons can be also implemented on the administrator's desk.

Qualified MIL STD 901D Unique Display system

The Irts’s patented structure is qualified to resist shock and vibration inputs up to MIL S 901D Grade B, and sustains up to 1 grms in vibrations from 10 to 100 Hz.. The folding and sliding shutter-system provides a quick installation and maintenance solution.

Irts's secured and modified Samsung 46 or Barco 55'' monitors are hanged on a damper system.


    modified Barco Unisee 55'' fitted with secured connectors- Long term MTBFprotected VSN Datapath fitted with secured plugsprotected Adder extender fitted with secured plugsunidirectionnal video diode 
    re-inforced Samsung UD46'' fitted with secured connectorswallcontrol10 Pro commandsfiber optic Tx/Rx encrypted fitted with  secured plugs
    LED displays from pitch 0.9 to 2.5mm Long term MTBFMulti video wall ability 



    ARGOS configuration monitoring softwaresecured 20 keys customized keyboardWindows 10 pro LTSC securedindependant buttons secured management 
    security level adjustablefitted with secured plugsspecial services configurationfitted with secured plugs



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