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55''All-in-one2' deployable system

Today’s critical field operations rely on visualization to monitor and make tactical decisions IRTS  All-in-One deployable LCD display solution is a COTS field-proven system for worldwide Army, Police and Special Forces requirements.
Mobile and transportable anywhere it produces reliable picture in any location, whether it is a temporary installation in a building, in a shelter or a soft-top cover - such as a field command post or an inflatable tent.

Setup can be done by a single person in 2', see video attached at the bottom of the page.

A new and unique display concept

The All-in-One 55'' is deployable from its case in 2'.

This is the ideal monitoring and collaborative work support tool : with an innovative design answerring to emergency crisis situations, it can be installed on uneven ground keeping though a consistent sound & image quality.

It can receive any standard vesa 55'' (with or without touchscreen) monitor and a as an option a second unit can be installed under the first one.

Barco or LG monitors can be supplied from Irts or our local partner.

The LG model TC3D is a 4K LCD panel fitted with a capacitive touchscreen (40 touchs).

 Also it may receive a bigger screen (up to 90kg), then provided from another box.

Outdoor version

This special version can be use outdoor since the lifting solution is sealed from the electric engine to the lifts protected with flaps.

Equipped with LG's XE-4F monitor, this version  ensures a high level of ingress defense with IP56 level protection that extends throughout the entire display. As heat is a major factor due to outdoor display being exposed to sunlight, operation of XE4F has been made possible in temperatures that range from -30°C (-22°F) to 50°C (122°F) through a self-cooling system, allowing for a level of durability that can sustain 24/7 operations while negating the need for additional air conditioning systems. comes complete with an advanced cooling system with heat exchanger, supported by advanced thermal control functionality

All-in-one 55'' single display    All-in-one 55'' double displayAll-in-one up to 85'' display
foot print size 1162 x 1152 mmfoot print size 1162 x 1152 mmfoot print size 1162 x 1152 mm
Maximum height to the bottom screen 1975 mmMaximum height to the 2nd bottom screen 1288 mmMaximum height to the bottom depending of the screen model
optional OUTDOOR lifting systemlifts protected with flapsengine sealed
optional OUTDOOR 4000cd/m² secured LG monitorXE4-F LG 55's weight 53kg (remains Inside the case)IP 56 rated- operating -30°C / 50°C



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