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IRTS is constantly striving to promote innovation and respond to market challenges.

IRTS' LCD display walls have been designed to meet C3I - Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence - applications requirements.

As a result of the increase of geopolitical implications, the volume and the complexity of information to be gathered, analyzed and processed have reached new levels.

Information-based tactical decisions depend on the ability to:

  • Display more and more data, on a single screen from various sources - Internet sites, laptops, database, external camera imaging, vehicle information, targeting information, guidance information, etc,
  • Display clear data and information thanks to the increasing resolution of displays,
  • Visualize and process this information on or near the field of action directly for the personnel involved in the operation. 

It becomes therefore decisive for Armed Forces and Homeland Security actors to use mobile multiple information display systems when it comes to crisis management.

Based upon the multiple feeds of information displayed - data, images, videos - on the multiple screens – up to 16 captures and 138" – IRTS' walls enable to:

  • Command: make elaborate tactical decisions to reach a goal,
  • Control: monitor a progression and adjust to make sure the objective of command is reached
  • Communicate: liaise with other tactical or strategic units and make joint decisions
  • Gather and process Intelligence: surveillance, collection, analysis and distribution of critical information.

Today’s critical field operations rely on visualization to monitor and make decisions, whether it is on a battlefield or during a humanitarian operation.

Mobile and tough IRTS' LCD display walls are mainly designed for field military applications – Ground forces, Navy or Air Force – under shelter, but are logically suitable for non-military operations – Non Governmental Organizations, Law Enforcement or Civil Protection.


Air ForceWarfare, Defense, UAV system management, Air surveillance, Tactical air control, Ground control, TrainingBuilding, tent
NavyWarfare, Defense, UAV system management, Naval battle, Coastal surveillance, Tactical action plan, TrainingNaval base, tent
Ground forcesWarfare, Defense, Battlefield management, Tactical action plan, Border surveillance, Facilities surveillance, TrainingBuilding, tent
NGOMigration crises, Displaced populations, Refugee camps managementBuilding, tent
Law EnforcementSpecial forces operations, Traffic regulation, Domestic security/terrorism, TrainingBuilding, tent
Civil ProtectionSensitive & high-risk sites surveillance, Natural disasters management Building, tent




Réalisation : Stratis